If a guy begged for you back on video, would you accept?

this guy sent the girl videos on Facebook messaging. he blew up her inbox but this not the only female he did this to. he caused so much drama for his ex tryna send her to jail to prove to this other female he was done. she hacked his stuff to find out what was going on because the police was involved wit her so bad all because he tried to prove a point. the ex is now making his life a living hell. he claimed she was a stalker n harassing but failed to tell everybody the truth. watch his videos of him begging




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  • Take him back!


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  • Nope. That's like Robin Thicke dedicating his album to Paula and we see she still didn't take him back.

  • No way, turn around and run! Run as fast as you can!

    • He's a psycho. Trying to get a girl sent to jail just to prove something to another girl, then spams fb with begging videos? Run like hell and don't turn back ! :D

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