S. O. S. Can the guy who suddenly cut off contact with me ever come back?

This guy and i know each other for about 9 months. We had strong feelings for eachother. I know i love him. We had one argument/misunderstanding and he couldn't careless to clear it out, blamed it on me and asked for his space. He came back a bit later out of the blue acting like nothing happened, i was taken aback by surprise so i acted rather "not like nothing happened" i guess he didn't appreciate it, neglected my msgs for the next day (i was explaining to him that i didn't mean to come off as rude or weird) and replied to my last message by just blocking me without hesitation. I can't believe how effortlessly he's pulled back. Guys, what have just happened? He is the guy i had the most respect for, so saying he's a jerk is something i can't convince myself with. Thank u


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  • seems like he is hurt pretty bad. he either needs your intimate friendship or his personal space, but he already had his space so maybe you should switch things up and try to reach out to him. in person. not over text.

    • I was hurt badly as well, i wouldn't have argued if i didn't feel hurt to begin with. I made sure i apologized but he never did and blamed it all on me and refused to "fix" anything. I gave him space but couldnt take it and made sure he knows how much he means to me during the nc (after a month) he came back acting all normal while i was devastated thats why i come off weird.
      Ps. can't meet him any soon, ldr. Whats ur take on that?

    • he comes off as normal but he's not feeling normal. its fake so you know that much fosho.

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  • This guy isn't for you-point blank.


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