Send Happy Holiday Note to an Ex or Just Leave it Alone?

So, I dated a woman for a few months within my social circle and then broke it off. She was a decent person, but a bit of a princess. She is very attractive and is used to getting much attention from men, including exes (she told me I was only the second dude that broke up with her and that she broke with all three of her serious boyfriends. This was not a very encouraging thing to hear when first dating a woman).

Anyway, I would continue to see her periodically because, as mentioned, we are in the same social circle. I never approached her because I don't like to bother women like that.

She then approached me once and chatted with me. It was a bit awkward, but friendly. I was happy we came to a truce.

A month later, I saw her again. I gave a brief hello, but pretty much avoided her the whole night. She did not approach me. I don't know if she expected me to approach her this time. I did not and the whole thing seemed rather cold. I hate tension and having enemies.

I thought of sending her a holiday email or text. But, then I may be sending mixed signals and feeding a princess's ego. She told me all her exes chase after. I don't want to join that club.

So, send a note or let sleeping dogs lie?



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What Girls Said 1

  • I would just leave it alone, its not going to make anything better. So its best to just let it be.


What Guys Said 1

  • This is not a question: Leave the fucking shit alone. Just stop. Why you are even entertaining this is beyond me; it's why women think men are bitches!

    • yes, you are right, dude. thanks. sometimes, I need to get slapped across the face.

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