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I'm 22 and been with a 18 for the last three months. we met at an event and she was shy but started coming onto me. We ended up together and really hit it off spending like every free minute together. I'm her first serious boyfriend and ended up taking her innocents and felt like it was going to be a long relationship. We talked about marriage kid and we relate really well but we really rushed things. She ended it Monday and we talked Tuesday but nothing since than. She said she lost feelings for me and has for a couple of weeks. she said I'm a great guy and she doesn't know why she feels like this but she does and thinks I'm just a great friend right now. She said she loved talking about our future together at the time but now feels overwhelming. Do you think this because we rushed things? What should I do I want her back even if it takes time. Really would like some ladies comments on how she is feeling on this. Thank You so much!!! Also any comment is good, the more the better.
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  • There was a time in my 3 year relationship where I felt like I lost feelings for my bf, but it turned out that it was just my unstable mind that it made me feel like that and the part where I hadn't spend enough time with him. But he didn't give up and that's what I love about him, things become better between us.

    • How early on was that though? I feel like we had a great connection but it was only 3 months. I'm kinda worried it was just lust for her. She did just get to college life and out of the house. I'm so surprised and confused on why this happened

    • Oh I don't know then, mine was about like after 2 years

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  • You should do both. You guys both rushed it. Take a step back focus on other things and don't initiate contact for a few weeks. Move on with life without her. This will help slow things down. In two weeks send a friendly text and just take it slow from there. It sucks right now but she needs space so make sure you give it to her otherwise it will only set you back more.

  • Not to make light of your relationship, but you were only with her for 3 months. It sounds like she's not interested and is being honest about it. I suggest you move on. Sorry

    • She told me she doesn't really know why she feels this way. I make her happy and I am so good to her. She said she not sure if I'm the one now but wants to be friends cause I still make her happy. Why would she give me her innocent if she wasn't interested? There has to be some feelings there.

    • There may be some feelings there but she hasn't sorted them out yet. Just don't get your hopes up.

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