Ex Boyfriend will not speak to me after 6 months?

I broke of with my boyfriend of 4 years because we were going in different places and not growing together. I felt that we had drifted apart. He was very upset of course when I told him that we should take some time apart.. Not 2 weeks later he was hooking up and having sex with random girls. At the time I did not know this and missed him so much that I asked to meet him for lunch. We agreed me missed each other so much that we continued with our relationship and it was great! One day I heard that he had had sex and a few hookups with a few girls and I almost died.. I confronted him and he denied it to the end.. then I saw his phone where he was bragging to his friend about the sex that he had... he claimed that he was just lying to his best friend to show off. He finally convinced me that it was all lies and the most he did was dance with a girl at a club. I let it go bc I really trusted him. a month later I went abroad on a group trip and while there, I met a guy that really liked me.. nothing happened but while I was there I was told that a friend of a friend had seen my bf with a girl and another guy friend of his told me that he had sex and bj from a few girls.. I was so upset.. then on my last day, this guy that liked me kissed me and I let him... Almost to feel like a fuck you to my bf. When i got home I didn't know how i was going to handle my bf deceit so I just avoided him for the first 3 days I was home and he became suspicious. That night he went through my phone and computer while i was sleeping and found a text from that guy on the trip that said I was a good kisser. He woke me up and asked to see my phone and i said no.. he told me to go to hell and left my home in a furry. I didn't feel like I should run after him as his behavior was unacceptable. Its been 6 months and I have tried to reach out to him and he is very cold and does not reciprocate my texts.. I really don't understand as he was the liar and I reacted to to his actions. any ideas? ty!


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  • why reach to him though? he is on the other side laughing at you seeing how you keep texting him after 6 months.
    Do you really want this guy back or what?

    • well i kinda want vindication. He doesn't know that I was told while on vacation that he did in fact do these thing. He's the liar but doesn't know that i know. He thinks that I think that I was the one that fucked up but in reality He set things in motion by being deceitful and I want him to know that I know.. is that wrong? :/

    • guess it is in a way understandable that you want to get it out of your system. Instead of wanting to talk to him and asking him to be "friends" or whatever and then deliver the blow, you could have simply send him an email saying all that there is to say.
      Don't wait there for vindication. he knows you will lash at him and this is why he will never give you the opportunity to talk to him.
      You be the wiser person and cut it out. Stop texting, take him off Facebook, block numbers and chat apps. Don't you realize that you help him get over you? He wakes up every day and realizes that you still think of him, while he fucks someone else. And why did you take him back in the first place when you found out he was sleeping around?

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  • You don't have a right to be mad at him for anything he did while you were broken up. You were the one who asked for him back then you revenge fucked some other guy?

    He's enforcing the no contact rule, good for him.

    • If i understand what she wrote correctly, she just kissed the other dude not sleep with him

    • um why would u assume we had sex lol. It was a kiss...

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  • He was single when he did what he did (even if it was shortly after your relationship)
    You were in a relationship when you cheated.

    You both don't sound ready for a real relationship and should focus on learning about yourselves 1st.


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