Best way to get over a guy?

When its clearly over, but your soul aches 24/7?


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  • I hate to say this, but it takes time! The more he reaches out to you, the more you'll keep getting back! You're the only one that can control the roller coaster ride with this. You need to find ways to get over him and the relationship, because clearly it's not a healthy relationship and it makes you unhappy! We all deserve happiness, whether alone or with someone who truly appreciates and makes us happy! Take whatever time necessary to cope and accept the loss and move on, for your own peace of mind.
    Try friends, dating, going out, running, hobbies, etc . Only you know when and how to put an end to your roller coaster.

    • I like how you said even if it's alone. I think maybe that's the hard part for me is being alone.

    • Well then in that case, date and meet other guys! Let them wooow you. Hear the nice compliments they tell you. You'll start building yourself back up, in a very short time. Before you know it, you'll be kicking yourself in the butt, for putting up with such previous behavior. But it all starts with getting out and about and meeting people! You can't sit and linger on the thought of him changing and hoping for that change, because it obviously has not happened.
      You deserve better, but I'm sure you already know this!

    • I do. Thank you for your kindness

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  • To get over the last guy, you need to get under the next guy.

  • Alcohol soothes all pain!
    Well... at least temporarily...

    • Been doing that through the whole relationship. Think i have a hole in my gut

  • You could grow the fuck up. I hear it works.

    • Wow! You're a very kind

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    • Old women. Thats cute. You little twerp

    • Now now, act your age. If you can.

What Girls Said 1

  • Keep yourself very busy. Don't let them consume all your thoughts. Focus more on yourself and trying to make yourself happy.

    • Its so hard. He keeps blowing up my phone with alternating i love you vs I hate you.

    • I think you should block his number if you're serious about moving on.

    • Yeah, you're right

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