My gf think's im a lazy bum already after 1 month of being together, is this relationship doomed or can I save it, she's always making sly digs at me?

Me and my GF have been seeing eachother for around 2 months been together for officially a month now. Brief overview of her as a person, she's extremely driven has wild aspirations of being this succesful actor has made huge strides towards being that. She previously has only dated guys in the acting industry guys aspiring to be actors or actors themselves etc. We are both at university, she is at university as a back up but she has wilder and bigger dreams i'm at university studying law but i'm pretty much you average lazy guy.

Not proud of it but i am, it seems like it's bothering her, the moment we starting speaking she spoke about how all her life she's had to hold down multiple jobs to provide for herself etc, me on the other hand i have never had a job, we both get funded by the state to study i generally am good with money and budgeting so i live comfortably at university of the funding and support of my parent, she get's funding and parental support but is always struggling for money as she has expensive taste and isn't that good with managing finacnes and budgeting.

Anyway typical day for me is lazing about watching sports, she told me that she is a very lazy person but the only reason she get's out of bed and is productive is because she makes herself and if i'm not productive it's going to make her a lazy person aswell and our relationship won't work. Today i told her i'm going to the library in the morning to study she laughed and said we all know your going to lay in bed all day and watch sports she seemed pretty cold and rude about it aswell. She always acts cold and then feels bad and tries to apologise to me minutes later why is this?

Can i save this, i want to be more productive and less lazy if i start showing her this can it, or is her being critical mean it's doomed? I mean i do think my laziness is a problem and i want to be more productive for her and for myself, but is her making digs instead of encouraging me a red fla


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  • If you want to change then actually do that. Behaviour differently, commit to being less lazy. But if you feel disrespected, unsupported and you don't feel the need to change yourself then it's not a good relationship to be in.


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  • Dear J dot kidd, your girlfriends interest level is already at stage 3 she could be ay 60% already, at 3 months into the relationship she should be still in the honeymoon stage... however because of rushed relationships this becomes normal, and the cuteness of the relationship goes out the door. Master Yoda said, "Dont try, do! Or do not!" If you want to be productive then make the quality decision to be productive for you, not her!!! Now, if you start to become less lazy, and be this neat freak, who is less prone to play video games, and eat three day old pizza, and it does not work out, and she still dumps you, then you my friend will, go back to old habits. Do this for you. As for her, dont invite her over, dont be too available, give her some space, not a lot, but some, become busy, and just date her. She'd wonder where you are, and what your doing? Her interest level will rise, she'll forget about your slobbery because she's rarely at your home, your out, hiking, and other places, giving her the idea, your productive. Well good luck, and hope tho helps buddy...😉


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  • Not unless you get some motivation. It's not right for her to sig at you the way she does, but maybe she is trying to motivate you to do something with yourself.

  • It sounds like she means well to try to encourage you to better your life but she is going about it in a way that disrespects your own masculinity.
    She is probably used to being talked to like this because of what she has done as a career.
    You need it sit her down and tell her that you don't appreciate the way she makes you feel like less of a man.
    Do it in a way where she doesn't think you are being wimpy about it though.
    If she continues emasculating you like this then I strongly suggest that you consider continuing this relationship with her or not because if she is doing this now then its going to get way worse later.


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