Why are some girls so crazy or confusing?

So my ex left me almost a year ago right. She's bi as well. When we were going out she use to text this girl from highschool that always wanted her and I what's asked why are you talking to her but she's like I shouldn't be threatened. Now she is with her I mean I'm not mad because I know I can get her back whenever I want. I just don't understand she left me and I gave her many chances to come back but she tries to text me on holidays like my posts on fb and write posts saying she misses me indirectly or likes posts on instagram again that are indirectly. She has a girlfriend that I'm sure pays plenty of attention to her since she has been after her when I was with her. If she has someone like that why does she want to bother me because I'm not really for all that friends after you break up mess but she is supposedly. But I know everytime we get together there's always the eye contact that anybody can ser between is two and they can tell like there's something going on with us. SI if she knows we are like that. Why try to contact me


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  • She's trying to het a rise out of you, or get an ego boost. Or you're reading too much into it. Sounds like you're jealous if you care so much about her relationship. Just don't worry about it, move on.

    • I don't care about it I don't like her gf but I'm happy for her. And I have , ijs she wants to visit me , letting people know she miss me and etc I just be like why is all

    • If there was anything serious to it then she would break up with her gf and tell you if she wanted something with you. Just ignore that behaviour and don't get involved with her relationship.

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