Did you ever have the "one that got away"?

Did you ever date someone that after you felt was "the one that got away"? If they came back into your life would you try to date them again?


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  • Na
    I had the
    "One that cheated on her husband and I thought the world of... then I grew up and realised a whore is a whore no matter what colour you try and paint it"... one


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  • yes and yes. cept they're taken and i couldn't possibly tell them how i feel regardless.

  • Aye me trump, she was the queen of the seas. A vicious whale she be matey... She even took me leg!

    • But for real doe, I had one girl I used to think of as '' The one that got away''. But she's not a good person, and I care for her no longer. Me trump.

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