A crush of 7ys.. feelings revealed.. regrets?

So I had this crush on a guy for last 7yrs.. we were just friends... he was in a relationship then. i never revealed it up to him.. until last year when I accdiently got to contact him.. say it destiny. eventually we got to know each other better. my relationship with him turned from just friends to very close friends. he was single then he shared me why it dint work with the previous girl.. it was then when I gathered courage n revealed him my feelings that I carried for 7 years... he was probability not prepare to face this truth.. but he told me"lets see where it takez"and gave me hope.. we still continued to be close friend.. but at some point I was feeling a bit lost about the whole thing so I backed off.. I was scared to hurt myself... n v had this break up due to a third party involved... we dint talk lk for 8months n it was last month that I got back to him thinking that we should give it a try.. but things have changed.. hez getting married in feb n has invited me for it.. I have no clue what to do? n at this stage I realise it was not just a silly crush itz a deep love.. coz I hv not moved on.. n never been in any relationship


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  • I think you have a lot to regret. Next time, if there ever is a next time, seize the day no backing off because you're too scared to hurt yourself. And tell 3rd parties to get lost!

    Think about it, if you are going to regret this much and you know you will regret this much, then why not take the risk? Surely getting hurt would feel better because at least you know you did all you can.

    Sucks things have worked out this way for you. Perhaps you will love again.

    • I get it.. but the problem is hez kindof a family friend... n he expects me to be a part of his big day.. this hurts me more.. I wish he understood the depth of my feelings... im expecting his call today. Wonder how to react! !

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    • The answer is it won't be easy. It will take time. It will hurt. It will pass, slowly. There is really no way around it.

      It may be the pinnacle of feeling you ever had for someone, but I can tell you there is more to be felt in this life of ours. Even more than 7 years worth. You have much more love yet to give, even if you don't see it now.

    • Yeah.. you are rt.. at this point im clue less.. full of regrets.. time will hopefully heal.. I wish he liked me the same way I did at least aft I revealed up.. anyways thankyou.. that really helped

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  • Next time you fall In love
    Tell the person
    So that you'll avoud falling in deep love and
    Avoid more regrets and quickly move on

    • Yeah I regret a lot.. quite a mess

    • I literally feel your pain
      I'm really sorry to hear about what you have to go through

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