Being friends with an ex, How to handle things?

Things need to be taken care of when u decide to become friends with your ex.
Things to be careful of?
my ex (Still has feelings) requested me and asked me not to totally cut him out of my life.
I said yes
Please, I need answers!!


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  • Were you guys friends prior to dating? Do u still have feelings for him?

    • I don't have feelings for him. We were best friends before dating. I didn't talk to him for a month. He calls me and first apologised for being an ass and then requests me several times to be his friend. I made it clear that if I experience any kind of stress because of him (Which was a daily thing during a relationship), I'll never talk to him again. He said he has changed now, and wants to be friends. I made it clear that nothing will ever happen between us

    • If he still has feelings for you it's going to be messy. My ex and I were best friends 13 years prior, dated for 6 months, and it took us about a year to become friends again. It takes time and sometimes I have to tell him to cool it on the flirting. So it's possible just don't ignore their feelings because they could just be your friend for other intentions.

    • Well I have decided to go with it.
      Things I need to take care of? Situations I should avoid? Any tips?

  • If he still has feelings for you then he will only get hurt by being friends. I know it's tough to make the decision to cut off all contact but it's better for both of you in the long run. Friendship won't help him get over you. It will probably only give him hope that there's a chance you'll get back together when you won't. Besides there are other things to consider. How do you think he'll take it when you get a new boyfriend? A good friend would be happy for you. He will be upset. How would a hypothetical new boyfriend react to you being friends with an ex who still has feelings for you. He probably wouldn't be thrilled about the situation.


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