She blatantly lied to my face... I've initiated no contact, and removed any and all contact with her... Am I being childish?

She told me she doesn't want a relationship, can't get over her ex and said she wasn't feeling well and had to be home early.

Then i see her out with some other bloke a few hours after dropping her home... I've broken contact, removed her from Facebook, deleted her number and initiated no contact...

Am I being childish? And why do girls do this? Why can people just not be honest with each other?


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  • It's normal to break up after that kind of lying. Been there, done that. Accepted her back. She cheated three more times: each time someone paid her a few drinks she got soft and had sex with them.


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  • I don't think she knows what she wants if you ask me. You aren't being childish your doing the right thing. She needs to figure what she wants first before she decides to get all tied up in a relationship. Keep doing what your doing trust me your not being childish. Your not being a bastard your doing the right thing. I couldn't be with someone that doesn't know what they want. I understand you probably feel kind of selfish towards her or something but as the time goes on she might get the point. But your doing the right thing, so keep doing it. The no contact rule works best and its still working for me.

  • Where u stalking her?
    Anyhow going on back to back dates doesn't mean she is lying.
    But if bothered your ego then you were right to cut her off.

    • I wasn't stalking her... i was out with friends and she was there, i didn't even know until someone told me... I take trust very seriously, and the fact that she went out and got physical with a dude right after she told me she don't want a relationship and that she's trying to sort herself out, etc. Got me to lose any trust i had in her.

    • You were not childish. She is a player

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  • Did you do the sensible thing and actually ask what she was doing out at the drug store?

  • She doesn't know what she wants. She sounds young

    • She is pretty young, 18. I've removed all contact with her, and so have my friends. As i said, i've initiated no contact. She tried messaging me twice since we spoke last night, but i just ignored them... but it isn't an easy thing to do because i feel like a bastard for doing it. At the same time, however, i have nothing to say to her anyway.

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    • It's not because an 18 yo has daddy issues and does foolish when she sees a mature guy that the guy hasn't to control his hormones and may start thinking with his underbelly 'brain'.

    • Ye, in the beginning i was think just with the underbelly, but now i'm thinking a little more clearly about what it is i want with her. She just wants to be friends, and i'm not interested in her platonically. I told her this, left the door open for and have begun to move on.

  • I dont see childish it's up to u to do that she lie and thats ur reaction and not all people will do same but I see no pro if cut all contact its a choise

    It was better she didn't lie to u so everyone was happy but thats the pussy and its story's



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