BREAK UPS? what shall I do?

my boyfriend and me have been having problems recently but we have tried working on them, were better now! its been tough as its a long distance relationship i spoke to him yesterday and as his busy he wants to talk for an hour a day only on Skype as he doesn't own a phone as he doesn't have much money and he doesn't like coming out his room as his used to being in there all the time doing his music. he never has money to come see me and thats when the problems begins as i never see him and i have needs which he is not meeting like sexual needs etc etc what shall i do?


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  • Can't you go visit him? Long distance relationships are complicated in my opinion. You should consider all the pros and cons of staying with him before making a decision.

    • yes i have suggested as i have money, but he doesn't like his house and feels like it isn't presentable enough for me to see it.. i dont know what to do

    • I think you must tell him what you think. Say you don't mind going to his house, or say again if you have said it already. You can say that you miss him or that you really wanna see him and not his house.

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  • What you should do is up to you.
    If a relationship takes more than it gives, perhaps it's time to leave it.


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