Ex boyfriend left me a message saying that he loves me?

We were together for almost 2 years. We broke up about 9 months ago and haven't had much contact since. I broke up with him, because I wasn't as serious about the relationship as he was and I thought it would be better to end it, rather than keep stringing him along hoping the feelings would come. Anyway, yesterday he left this message on my answering machine:
"Hey [Name].. I just wanted to tell you.. that I love you with all of my heart."

That was the whole message. I don't know if he was crying but he definitely sounded emotional. I don't feel the same way.. I know he loves me and I feel bad but what am I supposed to do? We broke up months ago, I assumed he was over me.. Why would he leave a message like that anyway? Do I call him or just leave it alone? What am I supposed to say if I do call?


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  • First of all I ADMIRE You greatly for letting him go when you knew it was not going to go anywhere, so many people string others along. And it is just not nice at all.

    This one is a tricky one, you can do one of two things:

    1) just leave it alone. He will get the point, but any chance of friendship in the future is probably gone.
    2) Call him and tell him that you got the message. Tell him that you hope he is well. Tell him that your position has not changed and you do not wish to give him false hope. This is going to hurt him, but at least he will not hold on to a false hope.


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  • He is not totally over you yet. I think you need to tell him you got over him and ask him not to contact you anymore! It sucks but it's gotta be done

  • Don't call. Let it go


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