Anyone else kind of like the pain of unrequited love?

It sucks (got rejected 3.5 months ago) but I also enjoyed and continue to enjoy all the fantasizing, thinking about them and wondering how it would feel to be intimate with her, daydreaming, yearning, heart dropping when seeing them, not being able to have those feeling for anyone else, etc. Also, not getting the opportunity to express my love for her and never knowing how it will feel to kiss, touch, be emotionally intimate with her.

That was so true for me last year. I obsessed about her and just wanted her so bad (and still do and still my heart drops whenever I see her in my class). I still can't seem to like anyone else with the same capacity.

But for some reason, I enjoy it?

Does anyone know what I mean?
I also still continue to like the idea of having sex with her better than watching prob lol.


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  • Oh God. Been there, done that.
    Not healthy.. At all.

    • Why do you say that?

      "Not healthy"?

    • Because.. Is life passing you by? I don't know but at the end it is going to hurt you, or at least that is what happened to me.

      Is like we are losing time, there's a life to be lived. Thinking about something that is not going to happen can make you miserable.

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  • Well I feel like that about my ex and I hate it, honestly its worse because I did get to hold her and kiss her and do all that and now I can't, not to mention I don't get feelings for anyone else really because of how I feel about her so it makes it even harder to move on. But no lol I don't get how you enjoy it.


      I don't know... it's like a sweet pain.

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  • Twinkle twinkle little troll...

    • Are you calling me a troll?

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