Why do guys avoid their ex girlfriends?

My ex broke up with me eons ago and after that we never actually spoke without going at each other's throats. Sometimes we would ignore each other and sometimes we would try to be polite with each other but we would always end up arguing about the smallest things followed by the relationship issues and just embarrassing ourselves in public. After a few months of no contact at all we've established a somehow friendly relationship: we would have a small talk sometimes and say hi whenever we saw each other. Now he told me directly he got a new girlfriend and everything was ok until he started avoiding me for some reason. Whenever we would see each other with mutual friends he wouldn't say hello he would just quickly run away. It makes no sense!
Why avoid me now after all these months?


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  • I think he dont want to lose his gf for u and he moved on already
    And u r his ex

    I think u should be ready for worst maybe he will directly tell u dont even contact me

    Personally I dont like to be friend with any ex

    But avoiding I think she told him to stop everything with u she's jealous maybe

    Ur time to move on


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  • And why haven't you moved on yet is a mystery.


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