6 YEAR GF cheated on me and left! Heartbroken and confused?

My gf of 6 years, has been going through a very stressful time right now, trying to find herself and her career after obtaining her degree. Everything had been good between us, and the only thing i can think is that her parents have been putting so much stress on her to get a job and further her career and so much stuff, to the point where she doesn't want to deal with it anymore. She said she is tired of having her life controlled and she said she's confused and needed to find herself.

So after a few weeks she started going out partying/getting wasted and doing things that even our friends say aren't like her at all. (unfortunately some of her friends encourage it...) but, she was doing that and ended up meeting this "bad boy" that she was really into, I don't know why. anyway, she had been hanging out with him a lot even tho she only just met him, and i learned she had been having sex with him, and leading him on and im just shattered. and dont know what to do anymore.

i only ever wanted to help my gf and do everything to make her happy. after 6 years, she suddenly does this and tells me that what we had just wasn't what she thought it was? She is not herself right now, and she royally fucked up in my opinion. she says she doesn't regret it and that she's just "moving on", how can someone be so cruel, this is NOT the girl i fell in love with. I think she is in a phase of rebellion because of the stress in her life right now, and sadly she ruined us in the process. I hope she looks back one day and realizes what she has done. Not for my sake even, but for her own, and so her old awesome, caring and great self resurfaces. She is hiding from responsibility and will never understand how badly I have been hurt.

It was the best I'd ever felt, but looks like it's time for me to cut the rope, and don't look back. At least I'm still the same person. Maybe one day, she'll be again too.


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  • I feel for you, i thought it was bad enough after 4 years. Cut the rope and move on. She wasn't the one if she cheated on you and the fact she shows no remorse is EVEN WORSE. What a bitch. You hear about some really horrible people on here. It doesn't matter why. She did it, she made the mistake, she shouldn't even be thinking about other guys. Honestly man, you deserve better than this.

    • Yea man. You know what the worst thing is? (i mean... what she did is literally the worst thing you can do to someone who loves/cares about you, but) She told me she was questioning herself and us because of all the stress and that she just couldn't handle a relationship right now, yet the first thing she does is go out and f*ck another guy, which she actually did BEFORE we legit had broken up... and god knows how many times she's done it now. It disgusts me AND she lied to me and still has told me she hasn't done ANYTHING since we broke up. She doesn't even know I know she had sex with this asshole. I probably won't say it outright if at all, when I give her my final farewell, maybe just imply it. But I hope the thought of being a cheater and the regret haunts her forever. I hope she ends up feeling used and like an idiot, because she has truly become a pathetic, lying, slutty pieces of shit. Never thought she could be like that, hope she grows up. Hmph.

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    • Nice. She really is a class act. Yes mate, and it will be easy to spot a cheat if you ever come across one again.

    • Mhm, I know I'm in a rant of "fuck you whore" right now and it seems cruel, but gosh it hurts because she used to truly be such a great person and she has entirely become such a pathetic waste right now. I just can't understand it. Its sad. Buuuuut. Not, my problem. This is her fault, perhaps she will fix it one day.

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  • You made the right decision. Unfortunately this situation happened and you must move on. I imagine how hard it must be. But as you said yourself: she's no longer the girl you felt in love with. I also hope she realizes her mistakes too and get back to normal.

  • No, it's not the same girl you fell in love with.
    Women change, and they can change overnight and without reason. Don't expect her to change back again.
    Most women who cheat do it after 5 years into a relationship.
    This might explain some of it. www.macleans.ca/culture/books/the-two-year-itch/

  • Burn the rope if u cut it it can fix;)

    Sorry for what happened but its not ur fault
    That night she choose by herself to sex with that guy

    It's not ur fault

    and as she said she's not regret ! Wondering did u say kiss my ass at that moment? Just curious

    Find new girl it's better

    Ur life is ur choices


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