What are my chances?

We've decided to be friends, but just before that (30 minutes)
she told me she still has feelings for me. I understand this and I would like to be friends with her for awhile so don't tell me to get back in there right now, please. I wanna give her the time that she needs to deal with the thing's she's going through. But how do I start working toward it in a friendly way if you know what I mean especially after this "breakup" we just had. How do I get more into the friendly zone while still letting her know that I love her and care about her.

Any tips are appreciated, I'll be waiting anxiously to hear your opinions./opinion

Last conversation we had a bit ago, did I do okay?
Me: alright, I just don't wanna end off on a bad note.

Her: I understand but I'm about to start cleaning

Me: Okay, Message me after?

Her: Itll be awhile

Me: I mean this in the most friendly way possible, but i'll wait as long as it takes

Her: Ok (Why did she just say ok?) she does this a lot
it kinda annoys me but i'm getting used to it.


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  • It's iver, she's moved on by now


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