Why do people think that the pain of unrequited love is worse than the pain of a breakup?


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  • People who are saying Unrequited love is worse have probably never been in a relationship to know the pain of a break up, or they're just absolute losers. Everyone has had a crush that the girl/guy didn't feel the same so they moved on that's unrequited love, a breakup is you loved each other and then you were told you weren't good enough or they didn't see it going anywhere that's way worse then a girl or a guy not liking you back...

    • That's what I thought. I mean I had an unrequited love this year (she acquaintance-zoned me at best). After confessing my feelings to her, it did sting more than average and I notice that I seem to have those lingering feelings for her which I didn't experience much with any other girls I was interested in and still whenever I am thinking about a person doing something, by default I think about her doing it, sexually fantasize about her, and when I imagine theoretically doing something in a relationship, I imagine being with her as a visualization in my head. And also, I can't get my eyes off of her in my class. But I didn't know this was actually referred to as "severe emotional pain". I mean it was disappointing and it is frustrating not ever (most likely) knowing how it feels to kiss or touch her (or be emotionally intimate with her).

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    • Even worse, I never got a date (never been one one, but been rejected a few times and had two unrequited loves so far in my history). See maybe if I had gotten a date elsewhere it could have "cleared my history" so to speak, but...

    • I don't know if I can really relate man I never did that like jerking off think about the girl but I've always been pretty good with girls so I've never been turned down but you've just gotta be sure a girl likes you man and play in your league if you're struggling with girls. For Example dude I'm probably an 8.5 so I can go for like 9's and 10's and obviously go down numbers and I'm also pretty popular because I'm a good Lacrosse player so that helps a lot so if you're not a good looking dude we'll say you're a 6 and you're not popular you can't play with the big boys and go for the popular girls who look like models you've gotta go for the unpopular girls who are only average it sucks to say but that's just how the world works brah sorry...

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