How can you tell a couple is getting divorced?

What type of things might happen?


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  • They vent to friends and family, make plans on where to live, fight virtually non stop when together, together less and less, sell off things with high payments


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  • If they're married, there's a 44% chance
    Most divorces are initiated by women, and women don't need a reason for a divorce. They will rarely have a reason that holds water, or mention anything to their husband that needs improving or changing. When a woman falls out of love, it's normally due to hormones and chemicals in her body that just wear out after a few years. It's instinctive and a result of evolution. 80% of women will eventually do this, but not all seek a divorce.

    This is probably more like what you'd like to hear, but the effects are really only minor.
    Or maybe this.

    Sex is the best indicator of the health of a marriage/relationship. If it's not happening on most days, you're headed downhill.

    • You deserve MHO for all future perspectives you provide.

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