He's ignoring me deliberately?

I went a little bit quiet for about 2 days because I felt like my issues were best withheld. I did reply just not in my usual affectionate way. He felt like I was ignoring him and he confronted me about it. I apologized profusely and explained myself but he never addressed it. Instead he made small talk throughout the next day and not once regarded what I had said. I had been trying to cheer him up but it seemed like he wasn't interested. In the evening he messaged me again and tried to be somewhat affectionate but I was upset that he still didn’t address anything I had said.

He got upset with me and we argued. Again I apologized and tried to get him to understand my side and why I went distant again but as before, he hasn't addressed anything I said and made small talk throughout the entire day.

And I'm hurting badly because he's doing the exact same thing he felt I was doing even though this is nothing like it.

I don't understand him and I've left 2 messages confronting him about it. It's disrespectful and childish...


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  • it's also disrespectful and childish to be cold toward the person you're talking to with no explanation.

    • As mentioned above I've apologized and explained myself twice. Does it truly justify what he's doing right now?

    • No, but now he has just seen something he probably didn't want to. I mean no guy likes to be neglected

    • Well I didn't neglect him, I remained friendly and I replied to all his messages. I was just less cheerful.

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