What goes through you minds, ladies, if he initiates No Contact after you dumped him?

Ladies, this question is more for you, and is just out of curiosity.

You dump a guy, and he stops talking to you i. e. he has initiated no contact. What goes through your mind? Do you feel anything? And does that feeling get stronger/weaker as he continues to maintain no contact?


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  • I seriously doubt a girl would care if she didn't hear from a guy, they just dumped or even rejected, again. Dude could be laying in a ditch dead, for all she cared, as she's be too busy living her life & hooking up with a new guy to even give him a second thought.

    • And if she does care for you, perhaps more than she realizes? But didn't know what she wanted? And as i asked in the previous comment, even if she was at fault?

    • Alright, jokes aside, maybe. It all depends. Is No Contact in affect because that's what he wanted, or her? What was the reason behind the breakup? You mentioned the breakup was her fault, yet she was the one that ended. Additionally details suggest there was a third party (another guy) involved.

      If she cheated on the guy, then dumped him, I assure you she couldn't buy a fuck for that guy she dumped. Sad to say (incoming hate from on this), girls are far more brutal when it comes to this, & they make no apologies for it. It's in that guys best interest to just walk away & try to forget he ever knew her.

      There are more girls, like that, out there than good ones. The brokehearted guy needs to remember that, & remind himself there are good ones out there.

    • Just read your link: she's not going to care. No Contact was the right call. Forget her & move on.

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  • I just think that he is an arsewhal.

    • even if you were the one at fault?

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    • Maybe, maybe not... I am a nice guy, but when my trust is given and then broken, the way she did, then I'm left bitter and without words to express towards the other party, regardless of who you are.

      How can I be expected to be honest, and trust someone who doesn't return it?

    • You would be breaking her trust too because you assumed what happened and left without asking her about it. And honesty is a virtue. I would either talk to her about it or forget it.

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