After a slight run of no contact, he contacts me... should I be cordial?

Ok imma keep it simple, so I was in a relationship. We broke up. We stopped speaking, briefly. He messages me on Facebook saying that he misses me, and I will never understand, and that he's miserable without me, in my opinion a bunch of small talk basically. He messages me the next morning, starting conversation and things but the small talk is getting on my nerve, and I asked him what's the small talk for? I mean I understand that he may still love me, as I love him, but I'm confused as to what to say in the conversation and how to feel. Am I being too pushy? Should I start conversation this morning?


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  • this is one where you just go for the jugular... you like him and he seems to like you. However with your past you are unsure. So i think i would meet him and say "What is going to be different this time?" If there are no changes on his said (or yours) it isn't going to work the second time around. If you both make the changes... then perhaps there is a chance.

    • Thanks! He's seems to really be opening up and showing me the most vulnerable side ever, so we shall seeeeeee

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