Does he need space after a break up?

So my guy friend who I've known and liked for two years just broke up with his girlfriend (well I think she broke up with him). He hasn't talked to me since this happened, which is really odd since he would text me and talk almost every day. He's always been flirty, he's a really friendly guy, but a lot of times when texting me he takes it too far. I'll just say he's said things to me about us in the future, if we had kids they'd be cute, etc, just stuff he shouldn't be saying to me when he has a girlfriend. I never took these things he said to me too seriously since he had a girlfriend, and of course I felt bad about it but didn't want to lose his friendship so I continued talking to him. And he would never ever mention her to me, ever! I just knew he was dating her and that's it. Their whole relationship just seemed odd to me, and I can tell he genuinely enjoys talking to me, but was never convinced he truly liked me since he was dating her the whole time. But now since they finally broke up I almost can't believe it, and I find it weird that it's been two weeks and I haven't heard from him yet. I texted him once and he didn't answer me which is not like him. What should I do about this? And I'm really confused about his feelings.. I don't know how we could be flirty friends who always talk for two years and him not have some sort of feelings for me. Just want some insight. by the way I'm 21 and he's 26.


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  • it seems he liked you... so a few things to think about:

    - if he was going to be with her but flirt with you, will he do that to you when you are his gf? I mean flirt with others? Not saying he would but it is something to be conscious of
    - if you are friends, initiate contact and tell him you know he just broke up and wondered if he might like to get a coffee or whatever, to take his mind off things. You aren't asking him on a date, you are showing concern.

    Then baby steps from there...


What Girls Said 1

  • You should text him and ask him about it. If he blows you off, its probably bc his relationship ended over his flirtatious ways, maybe she finally caught on and he's trying to cut you off to please her. ASK HIM!


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