Should I go see a psychiatrist?

I always thought Im a tough girl, I can deal with my career and personal life on my own. 6 months ago, I broke up with my exbf due to multiple reasons ( family disapproval was one of it, because he is white and Im Asian), and we spent another 4 months trying to work things out. 2 months ago, it was officially over.

Now I find myself emotionally unstable, there are days I cry for hours, sometimes I have suicidal thoughts. sometimes I feel good about myself, sometimes feel like shit and a total failure. I spent so much time dwelling on the past relationship and all the good memories we shared. I lost interest in almost everything in my life, etc.

This situation of sadness and unstable emotions has continued for 2 months. I feel like I'm unable to control my emotions and my life. Should I consult professional help?


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  • Omg, that is so me right now, Im actually a mixed race and he's white and my parents didn't approve either and there were multiple problems and then, I used to think i was very tough and all but its been 4 months I'm still very sad and all, u know what its not ur fault and it happens after a break up, just look on the bright side there are so many people in the world so don't feel bad alright,, u know that time can heal the deepest wounds so don't worry Im sure u'll forget him, and don't loose hope I'm sure there will be a real guy in ur life that u will probably be with for the rest of ur life, if u think u need professional help u should, I took some for a week or 2 and i felt better, and now I'm forgetting him and just being single for the time being i like being single it just feels so much better, i won't be with anyone for another year then i'll think about it,, just remember life keeps going even thoe u loose someone u really loved :)

  • it could help you, that's for sure. i have problems similar to yours but i'm scared to go see an expert, i don't know why. but i have been there before and it helps:)


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