Guys: Can you tell me what this type of silence break-up means?

I'll keep it short, and please be kind as I'm very hurt still. Wondering why you date a guy, things are going great, and then something happens and they start flaking. They obviously still show they care with the way they talk to you and spend time with you, but then it ultimately ends since it eventually turns into a fight/falling out. You try to keep things together, but the men completely ignore you and you never hear from them again, even if you try to apologize and/or keep things light.

This has happened to me 2x in my life, both with men who were very sensitive and coming out of failed marriages (if that has anything to do with it).

Besides the obvious "finding another girl", are there any other reasons where you find it normal to completely avoid someone, especially someone you really started to care for who tried to keep in contact. Is it really that hard to respond to someone being nice? I never find it that hard to respond to people even if I don't want to be with them.

PS is there anything you can do to get through to these guys?


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  • It's really hard when it depends of others. I don't think that avoiding someone is polite and I really try not to do it, no matter the situation. Sometimes I think they just want a break because they wanna move on, so avoiding can be a "reaction" not to keep contact with their own past. It's not really your fault.

    • I agree, it's rude and honesty is a lot less painful. I'm surprised he couldn't even respond to my apology. Can you explain "avoiding can be a reaction not to keep contact with their own past?"

    • Keeping contact with a person you had a relationship before is something that can bring some memories and feelings that maybe they wanna forget. So it's possible that some men avoid keeping contact because of this reason, even if it's pointless. That's what I meant.

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