My ex talks bad about me?

I broke up with my ex back in June of this year after a 6 month on and off relationship. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to do it. I had no intentions of hurting this guy. He was so clingy and he made me feel bad every time I would try to break up with him. He would text me saying he would kill himself, and he would send me pictures of his slit wrists. He would also post this to his Facebook wall. 6 months later, a few friends told me that he made a hate song about me and is making posts lying about what I did to him, and calling me hurtful names. This really hurts my feelings... none of what he's saying is true whatsoever...


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  • Breakups are hardly ever easy. I've had women lie about me after a breakup so I know where you're comming from. Its maddening when someone lies about you because its next to impossible to prove your innocence. All you can do is just know the truth and try to find comfort in that


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