Why do you think my ex is ignoring me?

We dated for 5 weeks - spent weekends together and talked for hours every day. It was very intense, and then he started to contact me less. Our last date that HE arranged, we got in a big fight since he was saying rude comments and he eventually told me he's not looking for anything serious but still wanted to talk. He recently got out of a divorce, so I understand he's still pretty sensitive to things. I told him I wasn't interested in just talking and left pissed off.

Two days later I sent a text trying to clarify that I understand he needs to take things slower and asked for him to let me know if that doesn't work for him. No response.

It's been a month and after thinking, I called him to say I'm sorry about a few things and hoped that the anger from our fight had subsided. He made comments in the past about me hurting his ego and feeling like he's not good enough, so I thought maybe that's why he turned away from me since he's NOT the player type and focused on running a company now, so I never thought it was because he's a player. No answer.

So I followed up with a hand written apology letter and sent it to his house. I wanted him to know I was generally sorry if I said anything like that and for making him jealous over my exes (all by mistake). I believe in honesty and I thought he would want to hear that. I'm assuming he got it by now, but still, no word since I saw him a month ago. My messages were very mature and not needy, and since we're in our 30s, he should be able to understand that.

Side note: he has OCD and a new high stress job, there's a possibility he could be using some drugs, and seems naturally sensitive and upset these days. He's also my friend's brother, so I find it strange he wouldn't at least smooth things over since I'll definitely see him in the future.

What do you think happened? What do you think he thinks of me contacting him? I need some peace :( thanks!
PS. He started acting distant after he knew my ex (who I work with) was upset that I'm dating this new guy... do you think he got jealous and mean because he was hurt and thought I was still dating my ex?


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  • Stop communication. Its over with a capital O. If he's on drugs illegally you don't want any part of that shit, trust me. The drugs could be prescribed but abuse is taking not as prescribed and or taking when you really don't need them. Good riddance

    • Well I'm done communicating now, but I had to explain my side of the story and apologize for what I did wrong. I believe in making amends, so I hope people appreciate that and he doesn't make fun of me. Even if relationships end, if someone says they want to leave the door open but then ignore you, that's not my fault I got the wrong impression, so this is what I had to do to find closure. He said he smokes pot (at 32) and did coke months ago (could be a lie and still abusing), and I think has Xanax for his anxiety.

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