How to you get over a break up?

Okay, so I've been trying so hard to get over a break up after a 6 month relationship. Any advice?… Please I'm desperate... It hurts so bad.


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  • Well firstly, I'm sorry for your heartbreak, I know how disgustingly hurt someone can feel after an intense, short breakup. Thing is the only cure is time and space away from this person.

    The no contact rule also helps but it's not easy. Meeting new people, keeping busy, focusing on their bad traits.. I mean these are all cliche suggestions but again there isn't any instant cure. Only time can heal and nothing else.

    I'm sorry I couldn't help much but talking about it will help and grieving is good too. You need to cry, it's part of the process, then you will probably go through the angry stage..

    Just give it time and you will think "what the hell was I thinking" this will happen when you least expect it


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  • I wouldn't find someone new so quickly but distracting yourself and keeping busy is key. The no contact rule works as well as it did with me. I'm sorry for your break my ex broke up with me 9 months ago but he and I don't talk. Yes it was difficult but it was worth it. I got tired of being stepped on so I moved on with my life. I act like he doesn't exist and it works wonders. The best thing you can do is distance yourself and keep away from him and distract yourself as well. It takes baby steps it took me about 5-8 months to get over my first love. And now I've moved on and I'm so proud of myself

  • Find someone new


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