So I broke up with a guy I've been with for a year, but he keeps coming back and leaving again. What should I do?

I've tried to talk to him and he won't listen to me, he won't even try to talk to me or avoids me. He took me on a date recently and he then seduced me making me believe he wanted me back. He left after straight after sex and less then 30 minutes later he messags me saying he doesn't love me anymore but then asks me out on another date. I declined and told him to leave me alone. I believed him because I love him a lot, Is this normal? What do I do with this? I try to make him leave but he keeps coming back I block him from everything but he always finds a way to contact me and we've got a lot of history and this is out of character for him.


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  • You could just not respond.


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  • He doesn't keep coming back, you keep letting him come back. You already know what is happening here, you are allowing him to use you. Just because you care and are sweet doesn't mean he is. Most guys, if offered sex on a plate will indeed take it. You should never sleep with an ex, now he's getting all the benefits of a relationship without any real commitment and you're allowing this to happen. I can understand that you love him and like being close to him as it settles some of the hurt but you are only digging yourself a deeper grave by allowing him to stick around. You could speak to him about it and letting him know how hurt you are, this is probably pointless as if he cares about your feelings he wouldn't treat you like this. Or you could just move on silently, he will chase you but you need to be strong enough to walk away. Why explain anything to someone who could care less about your heart being in pieces? People like this can't feel your pain because the pleasure they get counteracts it. I feel bad for you and I'm sure your an amazing sweet girl and you will find someone who will treat you right. Just never do friends with benefits or sleep with an ex. You give all of yourself away and they get all the benefits without committing and also you get not say in anything.

    Move on from this asshat- he isn't worth the sorrow.


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  • he is only playing with your feelings, and wants sex. don't join his silly games, stop responding and move on


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