Is it normal to feel like you're never going find someone else?

I've always been very resilient and bounced back very quickly after a relationship ended. This time I feel very anxious that I won't ever find someone else that I like as much as my ex.


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  • Since you're over 35, that is a very real possibility.

    • @ nicenthic.. Omg you are seriously shallow age doesn't have anything to do with the dead end to love that was unecessary

    • you're pretty much invisible to men now, just sayin

Most Helpful Girl

  • Dnt listen to that fool about age.. everyone feels like that at one point it must be because you really cared a lot about him but in time love really does heal.. i never thought I would get over a guy I really cared about but after a yr and a half i eventually got over him.. funny thing is he came back eventually and when he did I didn't care anymore i told him I shldve been his 1st choice not his second

    • Thank you. I appreciate our kindness

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What Guys Said 2

  • You are a beautiful woman you will find someone else just don't rush it

  • It's absolutely normal. This too shall pass.

    • Yeah, for now though, my bed covers are my best friend

What Girls Said 1

  • It's absolutely normal and ok to feel like that, especially if you gave it your all. Things in life always work out how they should. You'll be good

    • I really hope you're right

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