Is he just done and wants to bone all these girls?


I broke up with my ex after I kicked him out of my apt for not paying bills for 6 months! and allowing me to take care of him for so long... well I called him 2 weeks later saying I wanted to talk and he agreed but when it came close to the day he said he didn't want to talk anymore and that he didn't want the relationship! I'm crushed we were together for 3 years! he's 19 and he's talking to high school girls (I'm guessing because they are easy and I was his girlfriend but sort of a mom I guess because he just was so immature) we were def best friends and inseparable well 2 weeks after that I asked him does he miss me and if he had the chance would he move back and he said "i don't have the answer to that" so I left it alone. We haven't spoken for a month a half and he's dating all these young girls, he put a picture on his MySpace of him with no shirt (he knows I'm looking) and he's acting very happy like nothing happened. he even had a headline like "I'm so cocky..." and stuff like that..I'm wondering why is he acting like this? Why doesn't he want me after he had told me when I kicked him out that he wanted to come back and that he loved me and all these things. I was his first love and first EVERYTHING! I did everything for him I'm just wondering wth is going on! is he trying to make me jealous is he mad he's back with his parents I just don't know! is he just done and wants to bone all these girls? Please help I thought he cared :(
Is he just done and wants to bone all these girls?
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