Just broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years, what do I do?

Hey, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice right now. Me and my boyfriend whom I lived with have been having trouble lately and he came to me and said he thinks it would be best if he leaves because he hates upsetting me. And I let him go. But I haven't stopped crying since or stopped thinking about him for one second! I mean, we were together for near on 6 years, we've grown up together, I've Berden with him since we were 15 and it's difficult to remember low without him. We had so many plans. I just feel broken and I hate this right now. I don't know what to do. Please any advice?
*been with him since we were 15, it's kinda hard to remember life without him
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  • if he is worth it, then talk to him and see if you two can't go to counseling. It is worth it, if you think he is the one for you. Perhaps some of the issues can be resolved with a third person who can be objective.

    I am sorry this has happened.


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  • I'm sorry about your break up it might be best to have some space
    and see how things go. It hurts for me to see people sad just keep
    your chin up. *Hugs*

  • Party on! You're free! Run free little girl, free like the wind!

  • After 6 years of having to consider someone else when it comes to whom you see, what you do and when you do it, it's time to do whatever the fuck you wanna do, whenever the fuck you wanna do it and with whomever the fuck you wanna do it with! THROW A PARTY!!! I'll bring a bottle. These are exciting times!


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  • What? Its difficult to remember low with him? Does he get you low alot? This is not healthy.


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