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ok, hi everyone, i really could do with some advice. my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me 3.5 months ago and two weeks later started seeing another guy that has had his sights on her for a while, i love her so so much its untrue a we have been friends and shagging for a few years before we were going out. we have had very low contact over 3 months apart from the odd text, happy bday etc... i thought she diene care and was really happy in her new rs so left her alone, but this weekend there was a senario that involved us being at the same pub together for a good mates bday, she was so upset and was hugging me and telling me she had missed me every day and loved me, we had a very smalll but passionate kiss swell in front of her sister and friends, they seemed to let it slide as we were so close, but i wa so hurt after what she did moving on so fast, i don't know where i stand now, i still lover er so much. she asked if we could meet for a drink so she could explain what had been going through her head at the time we split, that was yesterday, but no word today, what do i do? she is still with the new guy. she said she wished i was there at Christmas with her.


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  • You're really going to have to ask her, not us.

    • should i text her or wait until i hear from her? i don't want to come across a needy twat, she said that her new relationship was not what it seemed and gave me the impression it was not that serious.

    • Text her, I don't see any reason to play "the game" with this one

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