How do I reject a guy without hurting his feelings?

There is this guy who has confessed to liking me and admittedly we shared a drunken kiss weeks ago. But the thing is I am just not into him and I know nothing is ever going to happen, especially because I like someone else. I really dont want to hurt his feelings, but I dont want to string him along. What should I do?

Its a bit awkward because we are all in the same circle of friends.


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  • Be clear and say it:
    it's better to hurt his feelings than to let him hope in vain for a long time.
    Hurting now will be over next week, vain hope can last years.

    • very true, thank you x

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  • Be honest with him. Tell him that you just see him as a friend and you just don't feel the same. Tell him he is a nice guy and bring his self-esteem up and say that there will be someone else who likes him for who he is. (Kinda even out the "rejection.") You just don't feel the same way.

    No matter how you say it either way it is not going to be easy.

    • Thanks, that is really good advice!

  • Tell him you're flattered that he likes you but that you have an interest in someone else. If he asks you if there's a chance in the future, you can tell him that at this time, you'd just like to focus on your current crush because that person is the only one you are hoping to have a relationship with at this time. Tell him you're not the type of person that wants to mislead someone into thinking there's a chance where there isn't at this time. There's always going to be a bit of pain when you get rejected but this way he won't feel like he was an idiot for thinking there was a chance.

  • well if he already likes you then its unavoidable lol. just do it at that point as nice as you can that's it.

  • "I'm sorry but I'm just not interested in you in that way. I hope you understand."

    • Yeah thats what im thinking of doing, but I find myself in a bit of a pickle, if I say to him im not looking for a relationship, then go of with the guy I like, won't that hurt him more?

    • Well yeah, which is why my suggestion says nothing of the sort. You're not interested in HIM in that way. That's the truth.

    • okay thank you x

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