Why did my ex say this too me? Was it just attraction?

Okay so while arguing with my ex he said this:
"I know I'm weak, I see a picture or snapchat of you & straight away I want to flirt and I know I shouldn't do it."

We've always had an amazing chemistry between us and the fire of that never burned out between us, that's why we can't just 'be friends' were too attracted too each other & the chemistry has always been strong.

But when he said that it came across too me as if that's all he sees me as now, what did he mean by this? He used to say that I was funny, caring, smart


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  • You admitted that the fire never cooled off so I'd say he still has feelings for you

    • The thing is he's told me he doesn't want to be friends, he's now seeing someone (a week after our split) we tried the friend thing but we was speaking every day, and flirting. But he told me he didn't want to rekindle anything (I look back & see I asked this too soon) and I said I needed to be alone then.

      It's been 3 weeks now and I haven't contacted him due too his new relationship (which kills me) & because he said he didn't want to know me anymore.

    • Sounds like he's keeping you on the side in case his new gf doesn't work out

    • Thing is in some way I think it's not all cracked up to what he's saying. I think it was too hurt me.

      While we was arguing I said some pretty awful things too him (I know I shouldn't have but I let my emotions take over my logic. Something I have learned) & he said 'well the girl I'm seeing doesn't seem to think so.'

      He then rubbed it in my face, I know I most probably angered him too but it killed me. After the argument cooled down a little he told me that he hadn't replaced me & that he does miss me.

      At this point I was too hurt & blocked him on everything, his friends then started adding me & contacting me including our mutual friends.

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