Miss my ex, with a guy currently?

I know I have to break up with the guy i'm with. I just don't know how... I feel horrible about this and I hate hurting people. I was in a play with my ex and we started talking again. Our families are really close so we go to the same events. I've been seeing him around a lot more. We only broke up because I still had feelings for my first love. I started a relationship because Im over the guy that caused me to break up with my ex. Now that I've started talking to my ex, I miss him. He made me so happy and I was completely torn when we broke up. I don't know if he'd ever take me back. I do know that I can't be in a relationship feeling this way. It isn't fair to the guy I'm with.


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  • Wait, you broke up with your ex because of the current guy, and now you want your ex back? What insanity is this?

    • I'm talking about 3 different guys. I didn't leave one for another. Only to be fair. all 3 relationships were years apart. It's so complicated. All I can say is it's really hard getting over a first love. Especially when you try to be friends. I started dating the 2nd guy years later. Everything was great but the first guy still had me wrapped around his finger. Knowing my feelings, I had to be fair to the guy I was with. I'm finally over the 1st guy. I met the 3rd guy. (Currently with) things have been good but I don't feel the same way he does about me. The 2nd guy is back in my life because of the play and our families are close. Being near him, I realize I miss him. I never wanted to end things with him. So, honestly he probably won't take me back but I'm not putting another guys heart at risk. So to be fair I have to end it while it's still early.

      If you still don't understand, I don't know what else to say. hopefully I cleared up some confusion...

    • You have rebounding issues

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