Guys: How many cut contact with exes once they decide to marry?

For the guys who keep exes as friends too, do you have respect lines you don't cross/allow an ex to push or do you still keep sexual chat open with past bang buddies?


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  • At the time I break up, is when I cut contact with an ex. But if by chance if I ever continue contact, once I decide to get married, I would let her know, we can longer talk. I know it would make my wife feel uncomfortable.


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  • I'm engaged to the truly great love of my life... Believe me, she's got me covered in every that it's possible for a woman to hold a man.

    Nevertheless I remain friends with several ex-girlfriends. So, no, I did not sever ties with them. Still, I have cut back contact substantially. I would never meet with an ex face to face without first telling my fiancee. (Sometimes by telling her I expect to run into an ex, I get instantly laid just before I walk out the door... so I get lots of positive reinforcement for transparency.)

    Past bang buddies are definitely off the table. Those ties have been totally severed and long ago. As I became more ready for a permanent relationship; I stopped having bang buddies. And I don't have sex chats or get flirty with any ex... ever. If one tried that with me -- and a couple have -- I remind them that I am engaged and that they would not have liked it if I had responded to an ex like that back when I was with them. In both cases, that ended the flirtation.

    Bottom line, if continued contact with an ex-girlfriend greatly troubled my fiancee, I certainly would pull way way back and maybe even sever all contact with that ex altogether.

  • Once she's a ex, I will never ever be her friend. why? there's no reason to I dont need or want to know about their life.


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