Easy way to get back in touch with an ex?

We dated for 3 years and broke up 8 months ago. I want her back, and she's texted me and called me every so often and the last time I saw her I caught her looking at me a lot. I want to talk to her but I'm not sure how…. I was just going to maybe text her "hey hows it going?" or something like that just to get communication going. Whats a good way to get back in touch with an ex?


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  • Ask her to get coffee or something, see where things go from there. With something like this you have to take things slow. If you really want them back you have to start from the bottom , you can't just start up like it was just yesterday. Mind if I ask why you guys broke up? And who dumped who if you don't mind me asking?

    • yeah she dumped me but she's always been the one to talk to me even though I told her I didn't wanna be friends with her. Now I miss her like crazy

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  • "Greetings, ex. I want my penis within you again. Do comply."


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  • ex is for a reason don't go back

  • if its really necessary CALL HER


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