Im trying to get back with my ex, Is this my last chance before I should leave it?

So basicaly i broke up with my german girlfriend before i left back to Ireland.
It was a rough time. Since being back here we have texted a bit but never spoke on the phone. I always initiated the contact and sometimes she was happy to reply. the conversations only ever lasted a half hour so but they were never really detailed. She was never much of a good texter anyway.

Im geting quite frustrated in my mind because i have no idea whether she wants me to be in her life or not. I can't go on thinking abou this every day.

So tonight i wrote to her if i calld her would she like to chat (smiley faces and what not) , she said she would love to but as it was late she will tomorrow night,

so i said okay but you must say when because you always have no time (smiley faces etc)

She said she would :D

or if she does is ther hope?


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  • Without it being etched in stone, sweetie, the writing is clearly on the wall that if she really wanted to Try and go back with you, Try and make this work again between the both of you, She would Have------Spoke on the phone, Initiated some texts of her own, said something in the convos you had with her and been more detailed of just Something and what not.
    She didn't even seem to be much in a hurry burly or Excited to boot of the 'Chat' she said you could do 'Tomorrow nite.' With your own Attentive emoticons and her plain Jane ':D," I wouldn't count on anything going further with her wee little words and actions that are Right in front of You----you just don't seem them.
    If she doesn't get back to you, puts you on her pay no mind list, move on and just Block her from your life, your phone, end the madness and the wonder... and if 'She does,' it may not be what you want to hear; she may just want to stay friends, with you staying put there where you are now and her remaining where she is. With That, it would have been a four leaf clover that ended up breaking apart at the heart.
    Good luck. xx

  • Just wait until tomorrow when you get to talk to her on the phone, and then you will see how it goes. If she doesn't send you a text beforehand to let you know what time she's available, it's ok to send her a text and ask.

    But you should ask yourself a few things: you say you broke up before you left Germany, did you break up because of the distance? If yes, the situation about the distance is still the same. Long distance isn't easy (I'm doing it), are you sure you are prepared for that, or even to move eventually? If you broke up for another reason, is that reason no longer existent?


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