What's the worst relationship you been in?

Let's hear your worst relationship. Have you moved on? Was it the worst decision or best mistake? Would you do anything differently?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Worst relationship? Try an decade long relationship with an older woman during which she systematically removed me from my friendship group, stopped me from keeping up with any of my hobbies, screwed with both my degree, and several jobs (actually getting me fired twice), talked me into changing how I dressed, did everything she could to change how I thought and who I was, physically emotionally financially and sexually abused me, and then dumped me because I wasn't the man she fell in love with and didn't love myself enough.

    She was also into some really fucked up stuff sexually... Fun times. [Gods I hope you can detect the sarcasm there].

    • I get the sarcasm, so don't worry and that is bad. Hope you forgot about her and got your life back :)

    • More or less. Still working on the finer points.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Pushed into a 10 yr marriage by my parents when I was 16. Dude was a total sleeze & coke head, but my mom kept telling me to fix it. Guess she had a thing for him, cos I'd kneecap a guy if I ever found out NY daughter was being treated that way & bring her back home.

    • Excatly! That's awful. Sorry to hear, but at least it didn't last a lifetime.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I have been in two bad ones. My first girlfriend only dated me because she felt bad for me because I hadn't had a girlfriend before, she kept this act up for about six months before she told me. The other one was a girl I met at a Halloween party. I thought that she was really nice so I asked her out and we dated for about a week until she texted me saying that she was thankful for what I did for her, and broke up with me; later I find out that she was only using me to make another guy jealous so that he would ask her out. So these are my only two relationships, not the greatest but they don't bother me anymore and I am ready for someone to make me feel special.

    • Hey, that's terrible. Luckily you are ready to move on and not give up. Using a guy or girl is bad and can really damage a person's feelings.

    • I have been ready for a while now. Just never had the courage to do it.

  • That's a personal Q lol

    • I know :/ :o

    • My worst decision when gave her the 3rd chance I'm really regret for that bcoz she lie again

      But totally moved on bcoz I realize she won't change and thats her and I have no faults every now n then she still want me but no baby no chance

    • Same thing happened to me. Gave so many chances, but yet broke them. Glad you moved on! Don't give in lol :)

What Girls Said 1

  • My relationship with Nutella. I gained like 5 pounds in a week. Thankfully both of us have moved on.


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