Nonsense texts from ex boyfriend?

i broke up with my boyfriend of 9 years a week ago. and the past few days he has been texting me with all kinds of nonsense. from begging me to come back to him to that he needing sex from me(its been so long we had one). his text could be rough at a time, and pitiful the next. he said he is going crazy that I left him and questions me why did I leave him in this kinda state. I have totally made it clear that we are over but he refused to move on. what is happening to him?
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there are many reasons as to why I initiate this break up. there are too many reasons its just not worth typing or fighting here for. yes 9 years is absolutely long enough. no doubt I am feeling the heart break too. in fact, I am totally not over him yet
Nonsense texts from ex boyfriend?
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