4 years into a fantastic relationship just to wake up in a morning and see she has wiped out any clue of her exsitance. Why?

Hi, sup! Anywho straight to topic. Yes just as I said, she vanished like... IN A SECOND. Blocked me from fb, Skype, cancled her phone number and moved out instantly. And to know that she said she will always tell me if something is wrong... We haven't had a fight since... Like 2-3 weeks. I always try to be supportive and caring, but... why.
It's been 3 days. Still haven't heard a clue. Her friends don't wanna tell me SHIT. From being sad from missing her, now I am slowly starting to hate her. Why are some women like that...


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  • From someone to do something as drastic as that after four years there has to be a reason. Could she have found out about something you did? Did you repeatedly do something that bothered her (for example, being unreliable)?


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  • Either she is an avoidant... Or she has told you so many times. so many you stopped listening. And the fact you have no clue why she left is the strongest indication that you were taking her for granted, not listening.. That little fight? you probably invalidated her needs in it a hundred times.

  • Sounds like what I'd do if I was lied to and cheated on. I doubt you're giving the meat of this story.

    • thats what I was thinking.

    • Now now the guy deserves the benefit of the doubt. If he's being honest then he could use the support. I think that's more important than judging him if he's not.

    • Not judging at all, but story lacks detail along with substance.
      I answered honestly about my view as a woman of why I would react the way his ex had.
      If he's able to connect the dots then he knows the how's and what for's as to how things got to the position they are now.

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