I live with my ex boyfried. Help?

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago (we moved in together four months ago). We still live together and get along really well. How can I convince him that a relationship with me is better than just friendship. We were together four years and planning in spending our lives together. We broke up because of fighting which has decreased and our communication has increased.


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  • You don't to do much really. Just have some sex and the constancy of being around one another as live-ins should do the trick.

    • He said that he needs to think about his own feelings and that being friends is what's best. Sex would just lead to being friends with benefits wouldn't it?

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    • We have hooked up but not sex. Should I try that?

    • I'm thinking more team-building so being more playful. Anything to illicit memories of happier days.

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