Simple question guys and gals?

My ex just confessed that she is very sad and misses me very much.
I still love and i do want to be with her.
I asked her to Skype but she doesn't want to. Is this maybe because she's too sad to see me? If so is that a good thing with regards to getting her back?

From this point how do i go about getting her back, what must i do to not mess this up?

Please i love her and want to be with her, only thing is im now living in Ireland and she is in Germany. If she does want to try and make it work how can i convince her that it can?
I've also told her i missed her a few weeks ago.
I broke up with her because when i left germany i had a lot of stress and i broke off our relationship :/ , it was a really tough time when we broke up


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  • The thing is there is missing someone and there is wanting to be with someone she maybe just misses your company. Wanting you back is a different story when people break up they can confusse certain emotions and no she maybe doesn't want to Skype because it may make her upset or maybe it's the opposite maybe she isn't as sad as she is making out which you will know when you see her


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  • for me I 've learned this by the hardest way (they are called EXs for a reason) so I would prefer to save myself the drama

    • But i do want to be back with her

    • yep I know.. I've been through this and it ended badly for me so let's just say I'm warning you and I only hope that your luck is better than mine

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  • You need to work through why you broke up in the first place first


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  • Who broke up with who and why?

    • I broke up with her because when i lest germany i had a lot of stress and i broke off our relationship :/

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    • Why do you think that? , does she want to forget about me? , she says everything she sees or does reminds her of me

    • Yep, typical end-of-the-road behavior. You're constantly festering in her mind like a wound but at the same time she's pressed on and set you aside; you are a fetid memory but nothing more. Knowing you're alive and well is no longer a soothing thought.

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