Is trust really a one deal thing? Can it ever be fixed? Guy to girl?

Okay so here is my problem. I have been with a girl in my university for 4 months now. During these 4 months nothing was official and it was hard for me because I wanted to give everything I have to this girl, but somehow, she was not ready yet because she just came out of a long relationship with her 2 year old high school boyfriend. And at one point I felt empty because I was giving so much to this relationship and she wasn´t and because I felt rejected and scared she would never give me the same I went and looked for closure in another girl. My relationship with the other girl means nothing, I flirted with her, watched a movie, went to dinner, gave her a massage (I know... But still... NOTHING HAPPENED). So, my girl found out and basically she has lost trust in me because she feels disrespected (agreed).. I want to fix things up with this girl, I know I didn´t do anything wrong! I could of fucked the other girl, kiss at least but I didn´t!. I didn´t go the full way... HELP!!


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  • You emotionally cheated (look it up). The trust is gone no, you can't get it back. It's over. Learn your lesson and don't do it to the next person you're in a relationship with.

  • You should have talked to her instead of hanging out with this other girl. But that is just advise for the next time.
    For now you should just stop seeing the girl whose realationship means nothing about and talk to the girl that you like. Tell her what you should have told her before, that you would like to make it official and that you didn't know how to act and that you where an idiot for what you did. You should probably also try anything to make it better and tell her that you will do that.

    It also won't hurt to bring her a big bunch of flowers/chocolates or both before telling her this.
    And just be extra nice and romantic to her the coming period to show her that you mean it!

    You can't be sure that it will work since you hurt her. Even though you didn't kiss or fuck the other girl you still did something wrong there. Just imagine that it was the other way around, you probably wouldn't have liked it.

    • This is the best advise I got here and the reason why I entered. Thank you Isebella :). Yesterday I went out and I saw her, the other girl (flirtacious and a bitch she is) comes behind me and hugs me and I was like WTF? The girl I liked was right next to me! But I wanted to clear it up so after I talked to the other girl I came up to the girl and told her straight away what we talked about. Later that night I just opened up, I told her I would not give up on her and that I don´t have much left, no trust, no care, no respect from her but I do have hope and that is something that I will hold.. I basically told her I won´t leave, she called me an asshole (justified) but at least I want to be the asshole that ´´tries´´ intead of just an asshole, period.

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