What to do when girl falls out of love :( She appeared to love me but I guess I was the only one?

I met this girl (lives in florida) on a dating site and we just clicked.

It was my plan to be just friends with benefits, but she wanted more and I gave in.

After a week of skyping we set flight tickets for her to see me in NYC.

She came and it was one of the best meetings we've ever had wit anyone. Everything was smooth.

The sex was great and we were hanging out like we knew each other for ages.

She was only here for 3 days so she left back to Florida with plans to meet up again.

A month passed and she was telling me how she missed me and I was also missing her but then she wanted to be friends. She said she'll still come during New years but that she felt that we should see other people.

I agreed, but in my heart i couldn't comprehend why. I sent her a written letter stating how angry I was at her sudden decision but also added how i appreciated her honesty and with the compassion that she told me her plans.

She then called me and was all crazy about me again. We planned to see each other 3 weeks later and it was another amazing 4 day vacation with each other.


At the airport when I was about to leave she said wow imagied if you really loved me, this would be hard. This kinda threw me off and made me think she loved me also.

She would also get jealous of other girl

We then saw each other 1 month later (NYC) and I couldn't resist and i told her i loved her. She din't say nothin back and then the whole two weeks it was fine but I still resented her for it.

She cried because she didn't wana leave but she left and promised to return NYE.

For 3 weeks she said everyday she missed me and then 1 month later she stopped saing she missed me and then 3 days later she broke the plans to come to NYC.

She told me she fell out of love with me.

Did I say I love you too soon? What should I do now?

ps still friends on Facebook.


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