Feeling horrible for dumping him after our first date?

I feel bad for dumping him after our first date. He's at my uni and we've been flirting back and forth for a month or two. However, after our first date i realised it wasn't a good idea to go out with him so when he texted me i told him that we should just remain friends; and he said that he felt the same way but then he asked me to stop talking to him. when I asked why he didn't give me a reason. (He was talking normally before i suggested to remain friends only ) Do you think I've hurt him and he was hiding his emotions? or does he actually not care?


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  • I personally don't want to hang out with a girl who's basically told me I'm not good enough, if I've hung out with her as friends and then gone on a date and she's decided I'm not an option it makes me feel like I'm worth less as a person. It hurts my feelings initially but I get over it lol. However I don't wanna be reminded of it by remaining friends with someone who's devalued me. That's just the way it is, I wish you the best of luck and we go our separate ways.
    I'm still friends with girls I've turned down and I really admire them for it! However, we never went on a date, so I was able to say I never thought of them like that in the first place, there was no romantic rejection involved, it'd probably be different then.

    • we were pretty close even before we went out we'd always hang out and text each other almost every day. Also my friends would tell me how much he liked me just by the way he looked at me. Now i feel like a horrible person and don't know how to fix this? by fixing i mean making him feel better and not hating me for this as he's my friend after all and we go to the same uni and i don't want it to be weird between us. Any suggestions?

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    • Hopefully! Thanks again :)

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • what made you choose against him? you could have hurt him. he also may not want you around to interfere with future plans of his

    • Well we have a lot of differences. I knew about those differences from the start but went ahead with the date anyway so I guess I am to blame here. He was playing 'Ugly heart' song after our conversation. Should I talk to him again and apologise or give him some space?

    • i would go with what that one chick said, if he doesn't have a chance.

    • I agree. Thanks for your comment :)

  • What made you realise it was better to stay friends?

  • I wouldn't care


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  • He was probably hurt and doesn't want to deal with you if he knows you don't want it to amount to anything. You need to respect that.


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