I was with my perfect match/fiance 2 1/2 years then now in a distant relationship for 3months and I discovered he's seeing someone else how so quick?

Does he still love me? Her won't confess he's cheating and never give me a reason to even think he was cheating until he went m. i. a. this last Friday . And when i questioned him about where he was at he's sticking to his story that he was with his brother... when i spoke to his brother when i called the house phone! There's more.. i keyed his car like a jackass and now i feel guilty about it. His car hasn't even been running since we're split, i know it doesn't make it right but now he's really going to be with her... can he fall out of love with me that FAST? I didn't admit i keyed it but come on now...


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  • It's not about love, one word - rebound.


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