Why is my ex trying to make me jealous? And now stopped?

Okay so when me and my ex split up he constantly wrote things on Twitter to make me jealous & flaunt his rebound relationship in my face. Things like 💏 ... ❤️ ... 👍 - which is pretty obvious that it was attended to make me jealous & hurt.

But now that he thinks I can't see his Twitter because of a block he's stopped it all, which also means I was right about saying stuff too make me jealous. Why would he do that?


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  • because "to make me jealous & flaunt his rebound relationship in my face"... what did YOU do wrong? (and don't give me that crap that you did nothing wrong) no one is perfect, matter of fact, if you WERE perfect, thats a problem on its own.

    • No I must admit in the end it ended on bad terms. In the relationship we did have arguments which is what broke us up (but they were due to us both going through emotional things).

      In the relationship I was caring, loving, supportive etc . I did make mistakes but I'm human and I've learned from them. I just don't get why all this? If he has truly moved on then surely he wouldn't have to justify it by flaunting it in my face?

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    • He's now stopped doing it as I can no longer see his profile. Could he have moved on or had enough of trying to get a reaction out of me as I never let on what it's doing to me? I'm not going to do anything, he said he didn't want to know me and he's with someone else. Not much I can do. He's blocked me on every social site but not my mobile?

    • i hear this all the time..."in the relationship I was caring, loving, supportive, helpful, there..." blah blah... yea, im not doubting you... im saying were you doing all that HIS WAY? or just the way YOU wanted to.. two different things. guys and girls take love very differently... guys are trained to know how to love a woman, we just choose not to sometimes, but its not the same on the other side. and you'll know when you aren't doing it right because he will push you away. If he says he has moved on, whether he has or hasn't.. just believe he has and move on yourself.

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  • Because you're thinking about him. It worked, or else you would be here asking us about it. He INTENDED to make you regret the breakup.

    • He broke up with me though. Otherwise I would understand what he's doing, it should be something I'm doing as the dumpee not him as the dumper.

    • Sounds like he's still trying to punish you for the reasons he left. He's being childish. Just ignore/block him.

    • The only reasons it ended was because of arguments, which came up due to us going through things of our own. His friend dying of cancer & as it's not as bad as his me coming off the pill. Our emotions were everywhere & we lashed out on each other

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